Yoga and Arthritis


Gentle and kind to the joints and muscles, the physical aspects of yoga are safe and beneficial for arthritis sufferers. Regular yoga practice (3-4 times a week) can significantly alleviate joint pain, improve the flexibility of joints and help to release muscular tension. Lyengar yoga in particular contains gentle, flowing movements that can also incorporate blocks or chairs for added support. Beginner yoga workouts should be relatively easy for you to perform and, with the added expertise of a yoga instructor, they will help you modify certain poses to protect your body.

Improve in just 8 weeks! 

Even 8-weeks of regular yoga sessions will reward you with health benefits to alleviate join pain and improve physical function. A study conducted by Dr. Kolasinski, a rheumatologist in Philadelphia, studied the effects of Lyengar yoga on people with Knee osteoarthritis (OA). She found Lyengar yoga significantly contributed to her patient’s improvements, particularly regarding joint stiffness. She also discovered patients were able to carry out day-to-day activities more effectively and that their energy levels and mood improved.

Added benefits!

Yoga also improves muscle strength, an important aspect of arthritis care. Yoga can also enhance pain management, improve joint function, increase muscular ability and improve the mood of chronic sufferers (but do be wary of joints that are flaring and be careful not to overwork them). An instructor will help you modify certain movements to cater to your needs too, so no matter your ability or severity of the condition, you have several options to significantly improve your day-to-day life!


Here at at1.SPACE we cater for everyone. Promoting a healthy, positive, inclusive environment our yoga suit those from all ages, all walks of life and abilities. Injuries and conditions should not deter you, just speak to one of our experts who can help advise and modify your workout. 

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25 June 2018

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