The at1.SPACE guide to managing the COVID-19 lifestyle changes

Hey yogis!

Tackling the Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, it has changed our daily lives in many ways BUT we have a made a guide for you! This is our take on managing our lives in the current climate; ways to alleviate stress and worry, what to expect from our online classes and adaptations to our daily routines for the coming months to promote good health of the mind, body and soul, amongst other topics we thought everyone could benefit from!

We’ve also put together a concise video of our measures for when you walk through our studio doors! You can find this below, on our new YouTube channel and the at1.SPACE Instagram page!

We want you to know that your safety is paramount in running our space and we’re so thankful for how amazingly everyone has co-operated in the last few months!




The at1.SPACE guide to managing COVID-19 lifestyle changes



Managing the at1.PHILOSOPHY

When we can’t be as social, it’s a great time to go within. Reconnect with yourself, do things that you normally might not have time for! Look after yourself- it’s so important for the mind and body!




‘I am safe’

‘I am loved’

‘I am capable’ 

‘I am whole’ 

‘I am grateful’

‘I am content’


Reaffirming these words to yourself instills peace and settles the mind, making you feel reassured and more positive. Affirmations can be done as a morning or evening self care ritual or at any point throughout the day to pause when you need some reassurance. They promote self love, self acceptance and stillness of the mind.


How to: Go to a quiet place, close your eyes, still your mind and repeat your chosen phrase/s to yourself. Connect to your heart and breathe!


Yasmin‘s tips

-Be kind to yourself and don’t believe everything you think!

-Learn a little more about coming from a place of ‘witness consciousness’-seeing thoughts, feelings and sensations as things that will come and go

-‘Kindness to the self and others always





Finding headspace and peace in unprecedented times is important and healthy. It’s really beneficial to make time and space for your mind to take a breather and give yourself a chance to process things that we’ve never had to before. It can be overwhelming in the current world to process things in your daily life when everything feels quite uncertain. We can use meditation to help relieve this feeling!


How to with Yasmin:

-Think of mindfulness as helping you access the present moment

-Think of meditation to help give you deep rest and healing

-Begin with the breath to help you access both of the above

-Add a simple mantra


Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are finding it difficult to push thoughts away-that’s normal! Keep going, stay with the breath and picture the thoughts as clouds blowing away in your mind.



at1.LIFESTYLE- Daily Routine and Ayurveda

Incorporating healthy daily routines gives us balance and structure in our lives that we can tap into especially when things feel unsure. Having positive routines like eating at the same times everyday, hydrating our bodies, self care, nutrition, mindfulness and exercise plays a huge part in how we feel overall. It’s amazing how these little habits can change our moods and how we feel about ourselves in general! 


What is Ayurveda and how can it help me?

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian alternative medicinal system that focuses on balancing the elements i.e. the ‘doshas’ in our bodies to gain harmony and optimum health. It’s important to do a dosha constitution quiz to find out where your imbalances lie and how to pacify them. The pacification process deals with diet, daily routine, self care and supplementation.


The Vata Season

As we enter the Autumn months, we have to manage the Vata shift. Vata is the air/wind element that we experience as we go into the colder seasons. A Vata imbalance presents itself in ways such as dryness in the body, dehydration, anxiety, restlessness, poor circulation, inability to feel grounded, asthma, body aches and tightness.



Mumtaz‘s tips for pacifying the Vata dosha


The fundamentals- routine, warmth, nourishment, serenity


When this season is upon us, I typically fall into feeling more anxious and not being able to get a good night’s sleep doesn’t help!

So I focus on:

1. Surrounding myself with people who make me feel safe and secure

2. Sipping more warm drinks such as hot water with ginger and honey

3. Trying not to stimulate myself at night by turning my phone off

4. Reminding myself that I am safe and secure with mantras and more mediation. 

5. Focusing more on calming asana postures to help me feel grounded. 

6. Pranayama breathing techniques

7. Wrapping up warm with layers!



at1.YOGA-Practicing online? What to expect from our classes



Inspired by Yas and Mumtaz’s time in India, the birth place of yoga. Create energy and raise vibrations during this class. Everything in the universe pulsates from light to sound, to human beings. Enjoy a practice that is entire and whole. Expect a combination of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, balances, deep core strengthening and relaxation. 



We take our inspiration from the meaning of asana, which roughly translates as ‘posture held in stillness.’ Traditionally, the physical practice of yoga (asana) was intended as a preparation for meditation. In addition, expect a practice involving classical variations of postures. The poses are typically held for three to five minutes accessing deeper layers of fascia by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly around the spine.) Expect deeper holds to help you explore your postures and help you open up both mentally and physically. 



Expect a lively, uplifting session incorporating hatha, vinyasa and pranayama.



Expect a fun, loving, strong practice. From beginner to intermediate, to advanced postures whilst listening to your body and adapting accordingly. As always, the class is safe and free of judgement and criticism. Connect the mind, body and soul using breathing techniques along with the physical movements of the body . Release negative energy trapped within the physical body, which in turn releases mental toxins- it’s all connected. So if you like to be challenged without feeling the pressure of keeping up with others then this is the class for you! 


By the way, Mumtaz loves keeping you on your toes so every month she changes the playlist, so just when you think you know what to expect, she likes to keep you moving and growing my adding on new challenges…ENJOY!



We have designed the week so you can get to fully enjoy the benefits of this practice either after a fun, energetic power practice with Mumtaz or as a stand-alone practice. The choice is yours!


Yoga Nidra (also known as yogic sleep) is a powerful technique for controlling your body’s relaxation response. Yoga Nidra can be as restorative as sleep, while you remain fully conscious. Cultivate conscious relaxation, ease ongoing stress and anxiety and feel your body melt away into a soothing state of being.



Mumtaz‘s tips on the physical practice and other tips from us

1. Always listen to your breath

2. We are all unique so we will look different

3. Not every posture will be right for you

4. Your practice is always evolving 

5.It is the mind-body connection we are searching for so be patient with yourself 

6. It is never about what the pose looks like, always check in and ask ‘does this feel right?’

7. Don’t hurt yourself, SMILE and have fun!


Some more tips from us

-Keep practicing with us online

-Make time for yourself 

-Connect with us through social media- let us know how you”re doing! 

-Eat fresh and source locally

-Support the local independent businesses where you can! 

-Share your at1.EXPERIENCES with friends and family

-Try not to worry- we’re here to support you!



Staying social

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1 August 2021
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