Taking care of ourselves at work + our NHS discount

Here at at1.SPACE, we understand the value of self care. We also understand that in the modern world jobs can be hectic and time stretched! Prioritising self care is important so we can recharge and perform at the highest level we can! 

Self care doesn’t have to take long, a 5 minute guided meditation in the morning can drastically improve your ability to deal with whatever comes your way throughout the day and how you move forward with it! It re-shifts your mind to deal with things in a more positive and mindful way, helping you accept what’s meant to be rather than feeling attacked by unfortunate things that may happen. This can be very positive and productive when applied to a busy, high pressured lifestyle.



Our top self care methods are:

– Taking an at1.YOGA class

– Going for walks

– Repeating positive affirmations

-Wearing warm layers, pyjamas and socks

-Prioritise sleep

-Journal out your thoughts

-Eat mindfully 

-Try a new hobby

-Do a guided meditation 

-Take breaks from the news

– Enjoy your favourite tea

– Have a DIY pamper session



Our lovely Mumtaz has composed a series of desk yoga videos for you to take a small chunk of time out of your work schedule to stretch your body out and show it some love. When we’re hunched over a desk and laptop all day it can take a toll on our back, spine, shoulders, neck and posture! These videos can be done at your desk so you don’t even need to move away from your busy day at the office to reap the benefits of these tutorials!  

Mumtaz Enjoying a Brew

In light of our awareness to the busy, high pressured modern life taking a strain on people’s mental and physical health we offer a special NHS 30% OFF discount to support the ones who are in need! This is not in conjunction with any other offer! You can access this through our at1.PASSES page on our website!  

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