Supporting Small Businesses

Yoga Nottingham

Small businesses make up an integral part of Nottingham’s community; bringing vibrancy, creativity and independence to the high-street alongside the bigger corporate chains. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic means that we are all urged to really make a difference and shop locally this Christmas; behind every small business is someone’s dream, passion, or even a long held family tradition. 


A key part of  business in Nottingham is how they band together to help one another, which has been crucial over lockdown and throughout the entirety of the pandemic, it allows small businesses to work together in a creative and supportive way. The at1.SPACE has had some very exciting collaborative ventures this year. Working with The Secret Burger Club, these independent burger crafters offer up a delicious range of juicy beef burgers and vegan alternatives. We have also worked with Albie’s, a wonderful café and bar getting everyone in the festive mood with their festive hot drinks. They came along to the studio and put on a brunch for customers so everyone could enjoy their delicious food, whilst attending our yoga classes.


We also have a great relationship with V.E Décor who are genuine specialists in home and garden décor. These collaborations offer up a terrific opportunity for people to get interested in different businesses and find high-quality small and local places to shop with and support. This is very important in these difficult times, not only because of the pandemic but the fact that Nottingham has more independent businesses than any other city outside of London, showing how they’re a backbone within the city both socially and economically.



Here at at1.SPACE we’re offering brand new Christmas packages to keep everyone connected with our space and their own yoga practices throughout the holidays. These start at £15.99 and can be personalised with name tags to give to someone special this Christmas. A relaxing gift, including organic bath salts that you can use to unwind whilst listening to our at1. YOGA Nidra recording with Mumtaz. Also included is an organic, upcycled candle and box of incense.


There is the at1.STARTER package for £39.99. Including a sticky yoga mat, block and strap in order to get you going if you’re new to yoga!


We also have membership offers for our yoga classes ranging from 7-day access to our full membership pass, so there is a wide range of potential gifts for family and friends over the holidays.


There are numerous ways in which you can support local businesses this year to ensure they will thrive and flourish throughout the rest of this pandemic and be able to enhance the community in the upcoming months and years. A great starting point in helping small businesses (especially local, independent) is through promotion. This can be done in a lot of ways. One of the best ways is through sharing your experience with your friends and family, telling them about your experiences with the business, whether it be the great customer service or the fantastic food you had! Let people close to you know about your experiences! This is a simple way for you to promote small businesses, potentially getting someone who never even knew the business existed to come along is great. Promotion can be done through different methods, social media now is an enormous platform for promotion. If you attend one of our yoga classes and post about it on your instagram through a post or story, it can attract the attention of your followers making it more likely for them to look up the at1.SPACE. Drawing attention to online platforms  is fantastic for small businesses like us.


One of the best ways to support small businesses is by leaving them a positive review online. This really helps, showing the strengths of the business and allowing other people to see what their experience would be like. In the current pandemic, these few ways of promotion are so essential to helping small businesses stay open and help the local community.



Best wishes over the holiday season, the at1.TEAM

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