New to yoga? The background of the practice.

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Hey yogis, we decided to share a post to give you an introduction to the world of yoga.

Yoga as an idea, originated around 5000 years ago in India, meaning there have been many generations adapting and changing aspects of the practice. However the core principles have remained true . It is more than just a form of exercise, it is a spiritual discipline practiced to improve mental wellbeing and help focus yourself amongst your surroundings. Yoga is the collective term for the group of physical, mental and spiritual practices.

The focus on becoming more aware on a spiritual level and the idea of us being more than just bodies have been core values within the practice of yoga throughout its existence. This is what the focus of the at1.SPACE is, to help increase mindfulness and mental awareness through practicing yoga. Yoga also aids us in a range of ways physically and mentally, from depression, anxiety and the stresses of everyday life.

Yoga has had a rich history, with the Indian teachers migrating to Europe and America during the 1800-1900s allowed the unique, spiritual practice to be introduced to the West- this led to a cultural and spiritual expansion amongst Westerners, allowing cultures to merge and practices to be taught and learnt. 

At at1.SPACE we are continuing on with the rich tradition of teaching yoga, helping aid anyone in improving their mindfulness and overall wellbeing. The ancient practice is still so important today as it really can help people in so many ways, especially in these ever so stressful times. 

Yoga has spread throughout the western world- it can be credited to the Indian  practitioners and experts who brought it with them whilst travelling and migrating, but also because of how unique yoga is. Yoga being a form of spiritual discipline whilst incorporating stretches, movements and poses accessing the deeper body and allowing our self study ‘svadhyaya’. This is how the practice gains a balance between mental and physical health and is such a unique practice for this very reason. 

It is an extremely open and welcoming discipline, with no discrimination towards background being inclusive of all religions despite it originating through Hinduism and Buddhism. At1.SPACE allows a space free of judgement and discrimination, creating a very welcoming and supportive community.

Best wishes, from the at1.TEAM

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