|| ​Lockdown sees Nottingham’s at1.SPACE yoga & wellbeing business attract followers from around the world ||

These are extremely challenging times for all small, independent businesses and at1.SPACE is no exception. We are taking each day as a blessing, taking comfort from the growth and strength of the at1.SPACE community…. and are happy to share this lovely write up received from The University of Nottingham. 

A local wellbeing business founded by a University of Nottingham graduate has amassed members from all over the world during COVID-19 lockdown. Before lockdown, at1.SPACE, based on Triumph Road in Nottingham, offered classes in yoga, mindfulness and meditation; as well as counselling, acupuncture, sports massage and nutritional consultations. The country-wide lockdown saw Yasmin Gregory, founder of at1.SPACE and Nottingham sociology graduate, make the decision to take the business online with the help of senior yoga teacher Mumtaz Haque. Yasmin commented: “We had to adapt really quickly when lockdown started to be able to continue to reach our members. The business did not have an online presence before this – the whole concept of at1.SPACE is that all of the elements needed for wellbeing are under one roof; members don’t have to rush around from place to place, everything is provided here, from yoga to audiology.”

​​The company’s proximity to both the University of Nottingham and Queens Medical Centre saw many medicine students and health workers among its clientele and now during the coronavirus outbreak, at1.SPACE is offering free membership to NHS workers. Thanks to social media and word of mouth, at1.SPACE has new members from across the UK and the rest of the world who are now able to access its services online. Through a private Facebook page for members only, at1.SPACE is delivering its sessions by streaming them live to its community at a discounted rate, which include live yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions. Yasmin and Mumtaz have been working hard to find new ways of bringing wellbeing to the online platform and last week’s schedule included a session from a Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and another from a registered nutritionist.

Yasmin said: “It was a baptism of fire but it’s been extremely rewarding, we’ve had previous members that had to move away from Nottingham, after their studies for example – sometimes to other countries – now coming back as online members and they are delighted to be able to take part again. Coronavirus is really impacting on people’s mental health and wellbeing; for some, the combination of isolation and worrying world events is bringing to the surface loneliness and underlying mental health concerns.  So, our services are needed more than ever and it’s great to be able to reach people anywhere in the world. We’ve got members who are joining in from Sweden and Spain to Croatia and Qatar!” Yasmin used her life savings to start the holistic wellbeing space in 2017 and has been co-running the business with Mumtaz since it opened.

Erin Shaw, a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner in New York, USA, and member of at1.SPACE said: “Practicing yoga within a virtual setting at at1.SPACE has been a really amazing experience. Taking an online class becomes a lot more than just getting in shape at home during the pandemic. It allows you to safely practice with hundreds of other people from around the world, who are all going through similar experiences due to the pandemic. This sense of community and solidarity is so vital to our mental health right now. It’s easy to forget that you’re 3000 miles away because the at1.SPACE’s online yoga studio really makes you feel connected to others!” Supporters of at1.SPACE have set up a GoFundMe page to help the business to meet the costs of renting the building while offering its services at a discounted rate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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7 May 2020

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  1. Well done mick, so proud of you, you were always a go getter from being a baby to a toddler to a teenager and now a an amazing young lady x

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