Leonie Yoga Teacher

Leonie Yoga Teacher

Leonie - Yoga Teacher

I’m Leonie, I am a women’s yoga teacher specialising in all things pregnancy, birth and postnatal. Supporting women through all stages of their motherhood journey with the sense of calm and confidence that yoga brings is my passion; from sharing soothing, specially adapted postures with expectant mummies to help them feel good in their blossoming bodies, to then seeing them later enjoy sharing their practise with their baby is such a joy.

As a busy mama of two, yoga teacher and small business owner, my mat is my sanctuary, a place to truly honour and nourish myself so I can do the same for my family. I am also a qualified Birth Rocks Antenatal Mentor in addition to being a pregnancy yoga teacher, which means my classes are so much more about our movement on the mat, and also empowering birth preparation for your big day.

My background in Primary Teaching is where my interest in early childhood development began to grow; between working for ten years as an early years teacher and raising my own two little people, ths interest flourished. I love supporting mummies in introducing their babies to yoga, as the benefits that the stretches and songs that we share have on their development is just amazing!

As part of my training in yoga for women, I learned about how we can adapt our practice throughout our menstrual cycles, and as we approach or go through menopause, and what an incredible impact this can have on our wellbeing. I love sharing this magic within my Luna class, creating a serene sanctuary where women can relax and honour what their bodies need on the mat.

I believe that yoga is a powerful way to connect to and care for ourselves throughout the different phases of our lives. I would love to welcome you to a class soon.


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