Laura Yoga Teacher

Laura - Yoga Teacher

Laura - Yoga Teacher

Laura was one of our very first at1.SPACE founding members . We love that she has now become a teacher and a big part of our community.

Laura is a Vinyasa yoga teacher, with a focus on flow-based classes, whilst leaving plenty of time for relaxation and breathwork. She’s dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive and importantly, relaxed space to learn.

Laura aims to instill in students the importance of listening to your body, taking time to breathe, and using the space to get away from the ego – she recognises the power of yoga to create change in body & mind, allowing us to grow on and off the mat.

She is dedicated to ongoing education to consider the most modern anatomical understanding blending into the traditional discipline, this year completing training with Celest Periera, & Yoga Detour training with Cecily Milne, blending mobility and stability alongside the flexibility to give a well-rounded and safe practise.


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