February- the month of SELF LOVE!

Our tips to promote self love and our virtual Valentine's Day Self Love Workshop!

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Happy February yogis! 



How are we feeling about this beautiful new month of love? Are we feeling the love or feeling the lockdown more?! 



Either way we wanted to share some tips for promoting love towards to yourself!



It’s so important to be kind to yourself everyday and that doesn’t have to mean slacking with work commitments or eating badly all day everyday! Self love can involve allowing yourself to push a task to tomorrow or to treat yourself to your favourite sweet treat but there is so much more to this concept. 



Self love should allow your inner voice to speak and be heard. What is your body craving? What do you need physically, emotionally and spiritually? 



Here are our tips on promoting self love:


Mumtaz Yoga Guru

Affirmations and journaling

Repeat affirmations to yourself, you can do this through journalling too. Compliment yourself and bring to light the favourite parts of yourself. 



Some prompts:


What am I grateful for?

What do I love about myself?

What do I find the most beautiful in the world and why?

How can I show myself some love today?

How can I show others love today?

What are my favourite things to do?



Do something you love!

What sets your soul on fire? Where do you find that effortless flow? Do that. 


What are your life passions? Music? Art? Dancing? Writing? Gardening? Sport? Yoga? These are high vibe activities that your creativity and talent can flow through increasing feelings of achievement, success and inevitably allowing you to express yourself to the fullest! This is so important!


Heart opening asanas

 Asanas are powerful. Heart opening poses work on your heart chakra, enabling you to open yourself up to giving and receiving love.

Some heart opening asanas to try:

Camel pose

Dancer’s pose


Flipped dog

Use Rose quartz

Rose quartz is said to be the crystal of love and compassion. Maybe incorporate this crystal into your meditation routine or ritual work. Or you could carry a tumblestone around with you in your pocket or bag whilst you’re on the go! 

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Our Virtual Self Love Workshop

Join us this Valentine’s Day for our Self Love Workshop! Book through Eventbrite! Members- book through MINDBODY for a discount! 


This at1.WORKSHOP will be delivered by Yassi and Mumtaz on Zoom. We understand Valentine’s Day can be difficult for a lot of people, especially in lockdown so we’re inviting you to join us in our pursuit to deepen our self love practice. 


This will be the perfect opportunity to learn how to harness self love through heart-opening postures, journalling and affirmations alongside delving deeper into the power of visualisation. 


Can’t wait to see you there!

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