February 10th, 2019

Yoga for all in Nottingham at1.SPACE!

Anyone and everyone can practice yoga. It is one of the oldest practices that is proven to provide multiple benefits, both for the body and mind, and much more. We invite you to try different ​yoga classes in Nottingham, here at1.SPACE to experience this first hand for yourself!

The age old practice of yoga can be expressed in many ways; you can practice a few simple asana (postures), breathing techniques or be out and about doing good in the community: giving without attachment to the deed (karma yoga).  The practice of yoga is both varied and fruitful. Our yoga classes in Nottingham at1.SPACE invite you to explore the many ways you can benefit from the practice of yoga. Our yoga classes invite you to explore yoga both on and off the mat. If what I’m writng doesn’t make sense to you first off, not to worry, join us for your first free yoga class in Nottingham at1.SPACE and explore how the practice of yoga may benefit you.

at1.SPACE – ​yoga classes, yoga workshops and events for everyone in Nottingham..

It doesn’t matter whether you are a male, female, old, young, a business person or a homemaker; Yoga can be embraced by one and all regardless of gender, age and profile. If you haven’t started yet, we highly recommended you visit our safe, welcoming wellness SPACE in Nottingham and take a class with one of our highly trained Yoga teachers.

Benefit for good health
Yoga is a great stress reliever, memory booster and known to enhance inner strength. It creates a harmony between the different working systems in your body to ultimately provide you with amazing health and overall wellbeing. By joining us at1.SPACE for Yoga classes in Nottingham can also improve your lifestyle and align your thoughts and processes toward attaining inner peace and spirituality. Young kids, teens, adults and the old can practice yoga with full confidence; there are no side effects to bother about.

If you are looking for Yoga classes Nottingham, at1.SPACE could be a great place to explore. It has a bonded community of inspired and highly dedicated yoga teachers and fitness enthusiasts that can provide the perfect support to your start.

Please see below quote from at1.SPACE member:
​”Classes are so beautifully put together and have a really collaborative and holistic feel. I understand so much more about yoga as a practice for body and mind now and feel like a have acquired the most precious tool. The team are always so welcoming and the space has just the most incredible vibe! I’ve met some wonderful people there who I now call friends and have had some brilliant and fun experiences, everything from moon workshops to tea ceremonies to charity events. I take everyone I know there either for a class, a workshop or just a coffee. One of favorite places and some of my favorite people!”


Article put together by Yasmin, Founder of at1.SPACE

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10 February 2019

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