Eda Branding


Eda - Branding

Just a short hello & introduction from me – I am the creative coordinator (seems a good title to summarise my role) – looking after the branding & content for the very exciting project that is at1.SPACE.

I was given a loose outline of a brief by Yasmin, the founder, who I have had the pleasure of working with on another project… and together, our minds aligned to present what we feel represents all that at1.SPACE is about, and will be.


The mission at hand, as I saw it, was…

– to create a brand
(not just a logo).

– to reflect Yasmin, Mumtaz and Team in their personality, ethics, lifestyle & approach – to represent the faces behind the project.

– it should be fresh, dynamic, and give a contemporary twist on yoga as a lifestyle and show representation of the mind-body philosophy in Yoga.

– it should be engaging & welcoming, appealing to men & women, of all fitness levels yet be serious, energetic, and vibrant and reflect a state of the art health & wellness space.​​​

Eda - Branding

It’s been nothing but AMAZING so far – I can genuinely say that I’ve enjoyed this project probably the most in my career, and I’m learning so much too. Working within a team of such inspiring, positive people meant the ideas and education just came – the vision grew, and evolved with us all.

Needless to say, we are of opinion that the outcome, and where we went with this, was exactly where we needed (and wanted) to be.

Of course, we welcome your thoughts and would love to hear your feedback on the branding.

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