Debs Yoga Teacher

Debs – Yoga Teacher

Deborah is a Yoga Teacher who before COVID volunteered at The Women’s Centre in Nottingham. This led to her studies in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Deborah is also a trained Sophrologist. Sophrology is a self-development practice (think dynamic mindfulness) which includes, breathing, gentle movement, meditation and visualisation exercises. Deborah is also an Embodiment Coach. Yoga can be practiced for exercise or mindfully meaning a yoga practice which pays attention to the body or for self-development off the mat and in the real world. Therefore, an Embodiment Coach is someone who supports someone in creating ways of living more consciously in your body.
Life is about finding your balance. My philosophy is simple: treat others as you would hope to be treated; A smile costs nothing; Show up to the mat and practise as often as possible without judgement of yourself or others; live for today as tomorrow is never guaranteed; and don’t forget to have fun along the way! Simple.

​My former life was as a costume designer for film and television and whilst I had some amazing jobs and incredible experiences, something just seemed missing for me.

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