at1.SPACE yoga and wellbeing centre raises funds for Nottingham midwives

Yasmin is passionate about the wellbeing of women. The University of Nottingham graduate (Sociology BA) set up at1.SPACE — a yoga and wellbeing centre — two years ago, in her home town of Nottingham.

Contemporary in design and ambience, at1.SPACE Yoga and Wellbeing Centre, located on Triumph Road next to the University’s Jubilee Campus, offers the perfect blend of health, wellbeing and social aspects, and includes a state of the art hot yoga studio, treatment rooms, and a café and juice bar.

Yasmin’s dynamic team are focused on the benefits of wellbeing. She said: “The Centre is a contemporary wellbeing space, which offers a welcoming environment to revive, relax and restore what the demands of life take out of us.”

With a strong work ethic, Yasmin — a First in the Family Scholarship student — supported herself through her studies at the University of Nottingham by working as a model (in up to three cities a week), and used the funds she saved to buy her first house, then progressed to renovate properties.
She said: “I began saving at the age of 16. At the time I wasn’t sure exactly what I was saving for but knew there would come a day when I would want and need funds to set up a business.”
After graduating, she continued modelling and moved to London.

“I threw myself into achieving once again, building up more material things, thinking this is where I would find my happiness. I didn’t. And so, in search of that happiness I travelled and spent time in many different cultures, where I learnt the importance of ‘balancing the being’ and began my in-depth exploration of the practice of yoga.”

When Yasmin returned to Nottingham, unable to find a modern and inspiring space that supported her in her continued exploration of the self (yoga being the union of head, heart and hands) she was inspired to create the concept of the Centre.

“Alongside having a dream to create a business that creates positivity in the world, my strong work ethic is what has enabled me to fund the creation of 
at1.SPACE,” she added.
In continuation of Yasmin’s efforts to support her community and women in particular, the Centre is hosting a charity wellbeing event on Saturday 8 December from 9am to 1pm, to raise money to fund aromatherapy kits for midwives from across Nottingham, including the Queen’s Medical Centre and the City Hospital.

Aromatherapy is used nationally as complementary therapy for women in labour. Results from a study of 8,085 women, undertaken at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, revealed that women in labour consistently rated aromatherapy as helpful by aiding relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.
On the day there will be a range of wellbeing activities on offer including yoga, hot HIIT Pilates, reflexology, reiki, counselling, coaching and much more.
The event, which is sponsored by a range of businesses from across the city, and has the backing of the Mayor of Nottingham, will donate all money raised on the day, including ticket sales, to the charity.

“I’m really pleased to be supporting the midwives of the QMC and City Hospitals. Research has shown bringing holistic wellbeing (aromatherapy) to expectant mothers can create a better experience during childbirth and reduce the need of using more evasive techniques.

“In addition, this event is about opening our door to our community and bringing them together as this is at the heart of at1.SPACE.”
Further details and tickets can be found via the following link:
Yoga class at at1.SPACE

Yasmin Gregory, founder of at1.SPACE

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Yasmin teaching The Lord Mayor Yoga

10 December 2018

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