What our at1.MEMBERS are saying…

“I really love the classes here and seriously enjoy Mumtaz’s classes. I find myself challenged and pushed to my edge and also really appreciate the focus on individual practice which takes out comparison to other class mates and means I really feel I can go at my pace- take a break when I need to. After a few weeks of attending, I am definitely getting stronger and fitter and also appreciate the sense of peace I leave each class with. Highly, highly recommended.”

“I cannot recommend these classes enough. Whether you are new to yoga or advanced, the poses are suitable for everyone with plenty of options to suit your individual ability. All of the teachers are so lovely, so warm and welcoming and always ask how you are feeling after the session. Finding at1.SPACE has changed my life!”

“Oh, how I love Yasmin’s head.SPACE classes! She has such a calming presence and helps me to get my head in the right space after a busy day.”


“Yoga with Mumtaz has completely changed my life. It has helped me through a difficult time and has made me a kinder, more thoughtful, more positive person to be around. There is no judgement, no pressure or competition in her classes, it is all about YOU and what you can do to get the most out of the class. It’s the highlight of my week! Thank you for everything Mumtaz!”

“The team at at1.SPACE are truly special. Each class is amazing and the vibes so welcoming, can not recommend enough”

“Beautiful!!! A lovely class which I find challenging as it slows you down. You don’t realise how much you speed through life and to go slower can be quite a challenge in itself. Moving through postures at a slower pace, holding, balancing and importantly breathing. A wonderful head massage at the end. A great start to the day and as with all the yoga here experienced, knowledgeable teachers that welcome all regardless of ability, flexibility. There’s no judgement, just gratitude to share practice.”




“Friendly, knowledgeable instructors with years of experience and a love of serving others. There is plenty of variety, from gentler flows to heart-thumping rivers of yogic joy! Thank you”

“All I can say is come here!!! The classes, the teachers, the ambience, the cafe. What’s not to like. It’s suitable for all, you don’t have to be a yoga expert or look a certain way all are welcome, and trust me it’s worth it. Practicing yoga and head space for me is vital and I am so grateful for all they do here, it makes me happy, makes me appreciate life and importantly teaches me to be in tune with my mind and body and get that much deserved space. Thank you, a very grateful yogini”

“Really engaging instructor who demonstrated great knowledge and provided a comfortable environment to practice. As a relative new-comer to Yoga, this was an enjoyable opportunity to challenge myself and to learn. Thank you!”

“Love the classes here! The warm yoga is some of the best I’ve done. Very comfortable environment leaves you free to go at your own pace but stretches everyone. Will be going to this instead of my one at the gym.”

“Yasmin was a great teacher and warm yoga is a good stepping stone towards hot if you’ve not done it before.”


“The core poses and movements are soooo satisfying and really push my body to the limits that I can reach. I take regular rests and feel so comfortable working in the way best for me. A great workout invested in the breathing and releasing all negativity through the body. Such an empowering feeling!”

“I love Yasmin’s yoga classes! I cannot believe how much my strength has improved over just a few weeks. Learning new postures such as inversions has not only helped my strength, mobility and flexibility but also had a huge positive impact on my mental health. Yasmin is so encouraging and i always leave her classes with a big smile on my face. Thank you Yasmin!!”

“A beautiful studio and a wonderful teacher. The class had a lovely energy and this was exactly what I needed to start my day. Would really recommend.”

“I love the new online platform. I’ve been able to access all the classes and I cannot say how thankful I am to you guys for setting this up. Knowing I can start and end my day being able to access one of the videos is really keeping me going.”

“I’ve been practicing yoga with at1.SPACE for 2 years now. The experience has been invaluable and life changing. I’ve learnt so much about the ancient philosophies of yoga and how to bring the benefits of my practice off the mat and into my daily life. What I love most about the classes is the non-competitive nature and the focus on how the body feels instead of how it looks. Having no mirrors allows me to truly tune in. I have never felt more connected with my body and it’s all because of at1’s yoga classes.”

“So happy to be able to access the amazing yoga classes you provide from home 💕 fantastic class as always. Thanks Mumtaz and Yasmin.”

“Excellent space with the most awesome instructors!”

“I love it! I’ve been going for a few months now. I once went to one of their classes at noon and I ended up being the only one so I had a one to one class with Yasmin, it was so good! She helped me with my postures and gave me options and tips for postures that were difficult to me.“

“Best yoga studio! Fantastic teachers who really care about you truly learning yoga and how to practice it properly. Every class is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough.”


“I’m new to yoga, it as has been a positive experience mentally and physically. Every one of the yoga teachers, I had previously are extremely professional and skilled.”

“Loved the energy in this class and as guided by Mumtaz. Her warm welcome really set the positive and inspiring tone. Pace of the class was challenging but as I said before, it’s inspiring me to keep coming!”

“A really unique, relaxing space, completely different to anything I have experienced in Nottingham. It’s a nice place to meet up with friends or colleagues. Great yoga! Great cafe! Great staff!”

“I am honestly really grateful for it. The studio and the people have helped me through a massively difficult time in my life. This year has been so up and down, but the studio gave me a place that offered me an hour or so to forget it all and just focus on me. Having met all of you and finding at1 has truly and honestly been life changing for me. Without it I highly doubt I would still be at university studying for my degree. You all helped me more than I am ever able to express, so thank you, because I didn’t realise how much I needed it.”

“Probably one of the best yoga classes I have gone too! With a friendly bunch of instructors who are supportive and willing to see you improve in your yoga practice, I would recommend their classes to anyone from beginners all the way up to advanced students!”

“Fantastic online classes. Such a great way to stay connected during this pandemic. Classes for all ages and abilities. My 8 year old daughter has been loving them and found them so much fun. She’s even woke up early for the morning session, so a great motivator. Thank you.”

“This morning’s yoga was amazing!! I felt so calm and free afterwards. After doing yoga for many years I have finally found somewhere I can feel warm and comfortable, so I can concentrate on my breath work and yoga practice!”


“Beautiful studio and social space. Mumtaz is a wonderful and inspiring teacher and the programme has something for everyone. Expect an amazing experience from when you walk through the door and onto the mat. Highly recommend.”

“Had one of the best flows this morning with Yasmin, really challenging, lots of upper body & core – LOVED IT!! Every class is different at at1.Space – fav studio in Nottingham hands down!”

“Just had an amazing yoga session with Yasmin over lunch time. I am so relaxed and feel revitalised like the stiffness and cobwebs have been lifted from my body and mind. Highly recommend this yoga space which caters for everyone’s needs. Thanks and see you next week – I AM HOOKED!”



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