Yoga Teacher Training Launching January!

at1 Team

at1.SPACE offers Yoga Teacher Training in the UK, aimed at students who want to become an instructor or deepen their practice and spread the yogic lifestyle to their communities in the future. The yoga teacher training 200 hour course will be held at our yoga centre in Nottingham. 

There is a misconception that to deepen our yoga teacher training we must become enlightened, spiritual beings, but we believe yoga is for everybody and we aim to make yoga knowledge accessible for busy, everyday people. The practice of yoga benefits all types of individuals and should be accessible and available to all, regardless of ability, gender, race, class, appearance or size. We have always strived to deliver our classes with a non-competitive dynamic, creating an inclusive environment. at1.ACADEMY, we intend to offer that same inclusivity at our yoga teacher training course. 

Every student at the at1.ACADEMY is a beautiful, unique individual. Over the course of our 200 hour yoga teacher training, we aim to not only teach you the traditional philosophies of yoga. We will guide you in unlocking your potential and developing your own unique practice. We will tap into what inspires individuals to practice yoga and go beyond ‘asana’, the physical posture.


Yasmin & Mumtaz

Many students take yoga teacher training courses for the purpose of self-development. Yoga, in lots of ways, assists students in their personal development journey. Yoga and self-development are linked with each other in a way that the mind is trained to work through problems by prioritising. Students who take yoga teacher training but do not become teachers use those same yogic principles towards problem solving. This is an added benefit especially for those who want to become teachers because problem solving is one of the most important skills in the modern lifestyle.

Something we hear often from our students is ‘I’d love to complete my yoga teacher training course but I’m not strong enough, not flexible enough, not good enough.’ Here at at1.ACADEMY, we want you to know that you are always enough. We want to eliminate the discrimination within the yoga industry and work with you to remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

In choosing to practice and train with us, not only will you receive 1-1 mentorship but as an established yoga studio in the community, post-graduation we will be here to guide and support you in your journey to becoming a yoga teacher and in deepening your personal yoga practice. You will have the opportunity to shadow the teachers in our classes, deliver live classes and be encouraged to work in groups, developing bonds with your fellow yogis. We will teach you how to connect with each student whilst assessing the different types of learners in your class. You will learn how to layer your teaching of postures to cater to all abilities.


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