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Train to be a Yoga teacher for less than £13.90 per hour on our early bird offer! Places now open.

at1.SPACE Yoga Teacher Training UK starting September 2021.

We are really excited to embark on this 10 month journey with you. Your passion for yoga will be developed to a professional standard: you’ll be ready to teach anywhere in the world as soon as your course ends. To make the training as accessible as possible we offer a variety of payment plans coupled with generous discounts on yoga memberships and classes.

During what can be described as a transformational experience you’ll develop your unique voice and understanding of how to delve into the tool box of yoga to better aid yourself and those around you: using your practice both on and off the mat.

Join our supportive community, where you will gain valuable insight into how a successful real life studio runs. Learn from passionate, expert teachers with years of international learning and teaching experience (in India, Ibiza and Bali). You will gain valuable knowledge from our years of experience working in the international wellbeing sector, running luxury retreat style yoga workshops and international yoga retreats as well as teaching private international clients.

A YOGA Teacher.
Learn more about our next course starting September 2022. Join one of our two free Yoga Teacher Training Open Days.
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at1.SPACE offers Yoga Teacher Training in the UK, both online and in-person aimed at students who want to become an instructor or deepen their practice and spread the yogic lifestyle to their communities in the future. The yoga teacher training 200 hour course will be held online and at our yoga centre in Nottingham.

CERTIFIED 200 HOUR Teacher Training.

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Why train with at1.SPACE?

In choosing to practice and train with us you will:
* Receive 1-1 mentorship from us, an established yoga studio in the community. Post-graduation we will be here to guide and support you in your journey to becoming a yoga teacher and in deepening your personal yoga practice.
* Have the opportunity to shadow the teachers in our classes, deliver live classes and be encouraged to work in groups, developing bonds with your fellow yogis.
* Learn how to connect with each student whilst assessing the different types of learners in your class. We will teach you how to layer your teaching of postures to cater to all abilities.
* Have access to discounted yoga classes online or at our state of the art facility in Nottingham. Read more here.
* Learn to teach a 60 minute yoga class using dialogue and verbal cues. This yoga class is suitable to be taught in heated and non-heated environments.
* Develop your own yoga practice by partaking in yoga classes and broadening your knowledge of different yoga styles.
* Understand and be able to teach 50 hatha yoga poses, examine their health benefits, explore correct postural alignment, know how to correct common misalignments and perform modifications for limitations and injury.
* Explore different teaching styles, the making of a good yoga teacher, understand the type of yoga teacher you want to be and build your unique voice and confidence as a yoga teacher. Learn how to develop your teaching to in-studio and online environments.
* Explore the world of yoga off the mat (beyond the physical poses) and form a basis on which to develop a yogic lifestyle should you wish. Understand the different physical and mental benefits delivered by yoga.
* Learn about anatomy, kinesiology and physiology and apply them to yoga poses.
* Understand basic first aid (optional additional module) and how to keep your students safe in a yoga class. Gain an insight into medical conditions that would inhibit the practice of yoga/hot yoga, in particular pregnancy, and learn how to adapt poses to students’ limitations.
* Explore the history and philosophy of yoga, examine different yoga forms and where they originated from.
* Understand the business of yoga and how to make a career out of being a yoga teacher.
* Have the opportunity, post-graduation, to teach real life yoga classes to the at1.SPACE community throughout the month of December.

About Us.

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Something we hear often from our students is 'I'd love to complete my yoga teacher training course but I'm not strong enough, not flexible enough, not good enough.'

Here at at1.ACADEMY, we want you to know that you are always enough. We want to eliminate the discrimination within the yoga industry and work with you to remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

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Every student at the at1.ACADEMY is a beautiful, unique individual. Over the course of our 200 hour yoga teacher training, we aim to not only teach you the traditional philosophies of yoga. We will guide you in unlocking your potential and developing your own unique practice. We will tap into what inspires individuals to practice yoga and go beyond ‘asana’, the physical posture.

Many students take yoga teacher training courses for the purpose of self-development. Yoga, in lots of ways, assists students in their personal development journey. Yoga and self-development are linked with each other in a way, through developing your yoga practice and deepening your knowledge of yoga philosophy, the mind is trained to work through problems by prioritising. Students who take yoga teacher training but do not become teachers can use those same yogic principles to benefit their daily life. This is an added benefit for all, but especially for those who want to become teachers, as problem solving is one of the most important skills in the modern lifestyle.

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