A space like no other: ambient in design, calming, yet welcoming to new and advanced practitioners alike. Combining a state of the art warm-yoga studio with a range of wellbeing services, at1.SPACE is a modern day urban sanctuary.

“I realise that busy modern people with work and family commitments have little time to invest in themselves, their wellbeing. This is why I have created at1.SPACE which gives easy access a variety of wellbeing services conveniently under one roof

I believe this convenience coupled with a welcoming approach in a calm environment can positively impact the wellbeing of individual and community: the meaning of being at1.”

— Yasmin, at1.SPACE Founder and Senior Yoga Teacher
at1 Space Exterior

Yasmin has co-run the business with Mumtaz since it opened its doors in 2017. Yasmin, a corporate hippy with a background in sociology, and Mumtaz, a hijab-wearing yogi with a background in economics, bonded over their deep-rooted respect and passion for the practice of yoga. It is their welcoming and unique approach to yoga and wellbeing that brings the space to life.


“We believe that yoga can be about more than making fancy shapes… It is a practice for mind and body and a path to self-improvement to be shared with one another. To be at1 means to be in harmony with ourselves and those around us.”

— Yasmin, at1.SPACE Founder and Senior Yoga Teacher & Mumtaz, Senior Yoga Teacher— 
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