at1.ONLINE- Keeping you connected through the lockdown

Mumtaz & Yasmin

How are we doing yogis? 

We understand we all have worries and concerns about the lockdown starting tomorrow so we want you to know we’re still here to support you! 

Luckily this isn’t our first time and all of our classes will transfer to online only seamlessly. Plus we will be providing you with lots of extra online content to get us all through the next month.

This is what’s involved in your at1.ONLINE membership, but before we dive in we want to let you know that we are being proactive about staying open and supporting the COVID-secure businesses providing care and mental health support. We have made a petition-to sign press the button below! We have also written to Nottingham MPs and the full letter can also be found on our previous blog post! Please help us to increase awareness of the work places like at1.SPACE do for our community and the support we provide, especially in times like these!

The benefits of yoga are endless. It has been shown to have a hugely positive impact on mental health. Results from the practices we offer have broadly and consistently shown increased muscular strength, body flexibility, improved respiratory and cardiovascular function, promotion of recovery from addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain. As well as helping to maintain healthy sleeping patterns and overall enhanced wellbeing.




Why practice online yoga with us?

 -Experience the benefits of our yoga classes from the comfort and safety of your home

-24/7 access to class videos so you can practice with us when it suits you!

-Stay mindful, stay healthy and take care if your mental wellbeing during the pandemic

-Join an online community of yogis-stay connected in these isolating times!


How do I access the classes?

-Once you have a membership through MINDBODY, join the ‘at1.MEMBERS PRIVATE’ Facebook group! 

-We will be posting our LIVE class streams and everyday LIVE 15 minute mindfulness and meditation practice


Desk Yoga

-We understand that a lot of you will be working from home! Mumtaz has put some tutorials for Desk Yoga together and you can find them on our IGTV and NEW Youtube channel!


Access our guide to managing the pandemic lifestyle changes

We have constructed a pandemic guide you can access on the blog! It’s full of our advice to manage the lifestyle changes that come with the pandemic, including tips from Yassi and Mumtaz and how to manage the changes moving through the Vata season!

Yoga for Sleep

-Utilise our Yoga Nidra classes! Ensure your sleeping patterns are regulated for optimum health! This also calms the parasympathetic nervous system. 

IGTV videos

-Please utilise our pre-recorded IGTV videos, all bases are covered; self love, mental health, breath work, sun salutations, desk yoga and our updates!


We love to hear from you as always! Please stay connected, we’re here to support you!

Best wishes 

Yassi and Mumt

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