New to Yoga

New to Yoga?

If you are interested in working with at1.SPACE to deliver a yoga and wellbeing programme to your employees, please get in touch via e-mail or the contact form.

at1.SPACE can take care of all of your yoga and wellbeing needs. Programmes are individually tailored to the organisation size and requirements.

Often students say they are not flexible enough to do yoga. However, the truth is that yoga is gentle, effective, and a playful way to bring flexibility in your body plus its overall health and wellbeing benefits. The focus of yoga is on breathing, hence this is why students feel calm, energised and a clear mind after each session.

To get comfortable before your first session, we advise you to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. A yoga mat and a towel are all you really need to begin yoga. Other than that, you need a device to access yoga classes online if you prefer practising at home, place your device 2-3 feet from the top corner of your yoga mat.

at1.SPACE in Nottingham provides a great experience for new students and offers world-class training yoga for beginners in UK. Look out for our yoga for beginners classes. Join us for online yoga or yoga classes in our Nottingham studio to begin your yogic and personal development journey with us.

You don’t even need much equipment to begin – just some loose, comfortable clothing to support your movement. Also, be mindful to be kind to yourself during your first class. There is no need to push yourself too hard and by no means yoga should hurt you. Yoga classes are meant to be joyful while working hard, it should not add stress to your daily routine rather reduce it and you will experience this as you continue practising.

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