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at1.SPACE is dedicated to making a healthy difference to the quality of life of individuals and the communities and organisations they live and work in. We provide yoga, coupled with a host of wellbeing services with access to some of the region’s most respected practitioners in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. In addition to this at1.SPACE offers counselling, nutritional consultations and sports massage.

The above can be accessed via our online classes and workshops and in the setting of our state of the art yoga and wellbeing complex on Triumph Road (off Derby Road) with convenient free parking to the front and rear of at1.SPACE.⁠

What We Offer

Yoga and wellness workshops for you and your organisation delivered via online webinars or at our 4200 sq. ft wellbeing complex at1.SPACE. Feel the benefits of yoga both on and off the mat and enjoy this ripple effect into your life and workforce.

at1.SPACE can take care of all of your yoga and wellbeing needs. Programmes are individually tailored to the organisation size and requirements.

Please get in touch for a 15 minute no obligation consultation.


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    AT1 Space - Yoga Nottingham

    The Benefits

    • * Alleviates common pain and tensions from desk jobs and improves posture

    • * Boosts energy and reduces fatigue

    • * Improves concentration and focus

    • * Helps manage emotions and pressure

    • * Reduces anxiety

    • * Stimulates creativity

    • * Promotes team spirit and morale

    • * Drive productivity during times of uncertainty

    • * Identify and handle employee stress

    • * Understand and reduce health anxiety

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