A few words from Caroline, the latest addition to the at1.FAMILY

I first came across ‘At One Space’ when they advertised for their Yoga workshop. From the moment I walked in, I instantly felt happy and safe. I felt filled up with positive vibes and energy from everyone ‘At One Space’. Due to past experiences, being in a place where I feel safe is so important for me. It means I can be. It means I can grow.

When Mumtaz and Yasmin offered me the opportunity to teach ‘At One Space’, I was so honoured and blown away that they’d even considered me. Normally, I would’ve instantly been filled up with anxiety at the the thought of being judged as a Yoga practitioner and teacher but I didn’t. Not one part of me wanted to say no. I feel safe and supported by them both. I think that has something to say about their positive love and energy.

Becoming a part of ‘At One Space’ is about being part of a community. And within that community – we support, we love, we care, we grow. It’s a place for Yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers to further their yoga journey – educating, empowering and inspiring their own practice, in return to support others in their journey – on and off the yoga mat. We’re constantly evolving, constantly changing – so it’s important to surround ourselves around people who fill and light us up.

Mumtaz spoke to me about being me. That people will come to my classes to see me. Just like they will come to practice with other teachers. I won’t be for everyone. And that’s okay. But it’s important to be authentic. To be wholeheartedly myself. And already, I felt empowered just by hearing that.

I hope you can come to ‘At One Space’ to find that for yourself. A place where you feel safe. A place where you can be unapologetically you. A place to grow. A place to learn. A place to surrender.

12 July 2018

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