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at1.SPACE provides a welcoming and unique approach to yoga and well-being with access to some of the region’s most respected practitioners in mindfulness, meditation, and warm yoga in Nottingham.

Combining a state-of-the-art warm-yoga studio with a range of well-being services, at1.SPACE in Nottingham is a modern-day urban sanctuary.

We offer a range of well-being services, including counseling, nutritional consultations, sports massage, acupuncture,

Our online yoga, mindfulness, and meditation sessions have been designed to address the current unexpected climate we now find ourselves living in, with a real emphasis on mind body, and community connection.

Our mission at1.SPACE is to empower individuals, organisations, and communities with the necessary well-being toolkit for fulfillment of daily life. We offer access to yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and online yoga for beginners in a calm, warm, nurturing environment. We pride ourselves on making the practice of yoga inclusive to everyone.

Aesthetics Clinic & in-person Yoga Studio Nottinghamshire

Health care services are diversifying with every passing day for the good. Emphasis of research is growing beyond physical health as scientists and researchers join hands to unfold the integrated pattern of mental and physical health. As result of diversification people find it quite tough to look for various services and determine which is best suited to their needs.

at1.SPACE as the name suggests is a wellbeing studio in Nottingham to offer a set of services ranging from YOGA practises and mindfulness to psychological and nutritional consultation, all in one state of the art studio with an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

Our vision is to address health issues in an holistic way by building a connection between the mind and body which is known to improve physical and mental health, consequently improving quality of life significantly.

Our experience in the wellbeing speaks for itself with professionals and trainers who have served for decades in the yoga industry.

Services offered at at1.SPACE include:

* Yoga Session (Online/In-person)
* Yoga Retreat Sessions
* Sensory Studio
* Warm Yoga Classes
* Yoga Teacher Training
* Advanced & Beginners Yoga Classes

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